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Melamine insulation foam is a kind of foam with ultra-high opening ratio structure, and the raw material is melamine resin. Also, melamine insulation foam is a kind of foam has excellent properties such as acoustic insulation, fire-proofing insulation and heat thermal insulation, and it’s used in architectural acoustics, household cleaning, aerospace navigation, rail transit, industrial insulation, and electronic appliances. In addition, melamine insulation foam is also a kind of cleaning sponge and wildly used in cleaning fields. The following is a detailed introduction.

Acoustic Insulation

The melamine insulation foam with a 99% open cell ratio can effectively absorb sound waves, so that the sound waves are reflected in the melamine foam, and it is continuously consumed, thereby achieving the effects of soundproofing, and noise reduction. Therefore, melamine insulation foam is filled into walls or ceilings and used for sound insulation in recording studios, restaurants, theaters, stadiums, etc. And the sound absorption rate of melamine insulation foam is close to 1, which is the best among all sound-absorbing material.

acoustic insulationAcoustic insulation

Fireproofing Insulation

Due to the special raw material of melamine insulation foam, it is non-flammable and melamine insulation foam achieves B1 fire rating without the aid of flame retardants. Therefore, melamine insulation foam is wildly used in building fireproofing insulation, industrial fireproofing insulation and aerospace rail transit fireproofing insulation.

For example, melamine insulation foam used in airplanes, it can not only reduce the weight of the fuselage, but also play a role of heat preservation. Melamine insulation foam can be said to be a very practical and economical material, and the general material cannot be replaced.

Heat Thermal Insulation

Due to the high internal opening ratio of the melamine insulation foam, it can effectively block the convective heat transfer of the air, and the effect of thermal heat insulation can be achieved. Also, melamine insulation foam is not easily deformed under high temperature conditions, with a high temperature peak of 240℃, which is a good industrial heat thermal insulation material. Therefore, melamine insulation foam is widely used for home heat thermal insulation and industrial pipes/machines thermal heat insulation.

melamine insulation foamHeat thermal insulation

Besides, Enda company can combine melamine insulation foam with aluminum foil to meet various home heat thermal insulation and industrial pipes/machines thermal heat insulation applications.

Cleaning Field

Actually, melamine insulation foam is magic eraser sponge, which is a very popular cleaning sponge as we know. The special internal structure of melamine foam can produce strong stain adsorption force, so it can be easily decontaminated by physical means and can be used to clean glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, etc., items of different materials.

Magic cleaning spongesMagic cleaning sponges

In general, melamine insulation foam is a multi-functional insulation foam that can be used for both cleaning and acoustic insulation, fireproofing insulation, heat thermal insulation. Enda Company has been engaged in the melamine insulation foam business for 12 years, for the melamine insulation foam related questions and purchase-related questions, we can give you a satisfactory answer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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