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Introduction to the product

  • Product name: Melamine thermal insulation foam

  • Material: Melamine Resin

  • Size: Customized

  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.034 W/(m. k).

  • Muffling Coefficient: NRC=0.95 of ISO 354:2003.

  • Working Temperature -200-240℃

  • Flame retardant grade: DIN4102—B1, UL94-V0

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ENDA melamine thermal Insulation foam also called melamine heat insulation foam, which is mainly made of melamine foam. Melamine thermal insulation foam is used to prevent the heat gain inside of buildings or prevent the heat inside the industrial pipes from escaping, and the melamine foam of melamine thermal insulation foam can keep more than 97% of the heat inside any type of buildings or pipes.

melamine foam thermal insulationMelamine thermal insulation foam

The products of ENDA melamine thermal insulation foam

Enda mainly melamine thermal insulation foam products has two types. One is melamine thermal insulation foam, which has melamine thermal insulation foam sheets and cylinder melamine thermal insulation pipe foam, another is melamine thermal insulation foam with aluminium, which has thermal insulation foam sheets with aluminium and cylinder melamine thermal insulation pipe foam with aluminium.

In addition to the above four products, Enda factory also offers custom melamine thermal insulation foam in special shapes and sizes. For example, our US customer customized a special shape split wrap foam for their pipes.

thermal insulation foamCustimzed melamine thermal insulation foam

The application of melamine thermal insulation foam

Melamine thermal insulation foam is used by the building industry to reduce the heat loss or gain through the house envelope, for example, melamine thermal insulation foam is used in external walls, windows, roofs, foundation, etc. The thermal insulation melamine foam creates a comfort environment inside the houses by keeping the temperature in suitable condition.

Melamine thermal insulation foam is also used by the industrial pipes to prevent vapor flow and water condensation on cold surfaces. And increase the operating efficiency of heating or cooling. Also melamine thermal insulation foam can reduce major damages in the piping during fire accidents.

Enda as a professional manufacturer and supplier of melamine thermal insulation foam, we have always been known for quality first, In addition, our product prices are also very reasonable. Wholesalers in many countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa choose to cooperate with us, if you need to order a lot of foam, you can contact us at any time.

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