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Just like its name, melamine foam erasers like eraser, are supposed to fall apart during using process. Because melamine foam erasers are consumables and need often to be replaced. In spite of that, there are still some ways which can slow down the lossy speed of melamine foam erasers. Next, let's discuss it in detail.

Melamine foam erasers are available in different densities, namely 8 kg/m³, 16 kg/m³, 24 kg/m³, 48 kg/m³, 64 kg/m³. High density melamine foam erasers will be more durable and not easy to fall apart, so we can choose high density as much as possible in our daily cleaning. (The 16 kg/m³ melamine foam erasers are the best selling.)

melamine foam erasersDiffernt denisty melamine foam eraesrs

Choosing a high-density melamine foam eraser is the first step, so what should we pay attention to when using it to reduce melamine foam erasers fall apart?

In terms of usages, we need to pay attention not to rub, squeeze and twist too hard. If you use too much force, it will accelerate the melamine foam erasers fall apart. For example, when cleaning the melamine foam eraser, the stain will naturally separate with the water flow, so we just need to washit lightly.

melamine foam eraserThe right way to clean melamine foam eraser

In terms of cleaning objects, we need to understand which kind of objects can the melamine foam erasers work. For smooth surfaces such as ceramic plates, glass mirror cups, and leather sofas, you can use itto clean. For roughness surfaces we try not to use melamine foam eraser. The friction generated during the cleaning process will increase the wear and tear of the melamine foam erasers, and they will quickly fall apart.

To sum up, the melamine foam erasers are supposed tofall apart. We cannot avoid this problem, but we can slow down its falling apartas much as possible. The high-density melamine foam erasers produced by Enda can be used continuously for three months and more than 200 times under the correct use method, so please buy and use it with confidence.

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