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ENDA, as one of leading brand (melamine foam cleaner brand) melamine foam manufacturers and melamine foam suppliers in China, we belonging to a high-tech enterprise engaged in research and development, production, processing, sales, as well as foreign trade of melamine foam new materials.

Henan Enda melamine foam manufacturer and supplier is one of the earliest melamine foam manufacturers in China. At the beginning of the establishment of Henan Enda New Material Co., Ltd., our company has been registered in a fairly authoritative industrial and commercial department. From this point of view, our ENDA company is a formal melamine foam manufacturer, so you can rest assured of the quality of the melamine foam we produce and sell.

melamine foam sponges factoryENDA melamine foam sponges factory

What kind of melamine foam manufacturer is Enda melamine foam manufacturer & supplier? The following we will introduce you to Henan Enda melamine foam manufacturer and melamine foam supplier from several aspects.

The plant size of ENDA melamine foam manufacturer & supplier

ENDA melamine foam manufacturer & melamine foam supplier has autonomy, professional and large-scale plant size, which is 2000 square meters. And there are a variety of departments for doing tasks that research and development, producing and sale of melamine foam sponges. Because of factory direct sales, ENDA can provide ultra-low and economical prices. If you are willing to look for high density or best quality melamine foam manufacturers in China, or want to try to a cross international exchanges and cooperation, our ENDA melamine foam manufacturer is expecting your consultations and welcome friends to guide and discuss cooperation about melamine foam sponge.

ENDA company & teamsENDA company & teams

The production scale of ENDA melamine foam manufacturer & supplier

ENDA melamine foam manufacturer & melamine foam supplier has an advanced melamine sponge foam production line with independent research and design, and we have a full range of foam conversion machinery, for example, we have automatic foam cutting machine, CNC foam straight cutting machine, foam heat compressor, embossing machine and precise quality testing instruments, etc. These machines to ensure that the best specification of sizes, shape and density of melamine foam sponges.

ENDA melamine foam sponge machinesENDA melamine foam sponge machines

Besides, each processing link of our melamine foam manufacturer & supplier is equipped with corresponding high-quality talents, with these professionals, the quality of our melamine foam sponge is better controlled.

The melamine foam sponges of ENDA melamine foam manufacturer & supplier

ENDA melamine foam manufacturer & supplier produces and sales kinds of melamine foam sponge, including melamine foam cleaning sponges, and melamine industrial foam. Whether it is melamine foam sponge products in the cleaning field or melamine foam in the industrial field, Enda melamine foam manufacturer & supplier can provide customized services, such as color, size, density, shape, packaging, embossing, etc.(For detailed product introduction, please click the two above category, into the respective product catalog.)

melamine foam spongesENDA melamine foam sponges

As a large melamine foam manufacturer, we have our own factory, and we have very professional experience in packaging. ENDA melamine foam manufacturer help their customers establish their own brand and the customers will have a large market in their country.

The location of ENDA melamine foam manufacturer & supplier

As melamine foam manufacturers & melamine foam suppliers, transportation is a very important part of sales. Henan ENDA located in the center province of China, which is an important transportation hub in China, so the transportation of Henan Enda melamine foam manufacturer is very convenient. The low cost shipping and fast shipping makes the shipping cycle is very short, and customers from all over the world can receive enda affordable products quickly.

The free samples of ENDA melamine foam manufacturer & supplier

Based on high-quality products and high-quality services, Henan Enda manufacturer can not only provide high-quality and low-cost melamine foam sponges for customers, but also make them feel our enthusiasm serve. Considering this objective factor, our ENDA melamine foam manufacturer made a good decision that we can send the free samples to our customers, it is convenient for our customer to compare,test, and choose different kinds of melamine foam sponges.

free samples melamine foamENDA free samples

After reading this, I believe you already have a certain understanding of Enda melamine foam manufacturer and melamine foam supplier. If you want to know more information about ENDA melamine foam sponge manufacturer supplier or want to seek cooperation, please contact us.

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