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White Melamine Sponge

Magic Eraser Sponge

White Melamine Sponge
White Melamine Sponge
White Melamine Sponge
White Melamine Sponge
  • Product name: White melamine sponge

  • Material: Melamine Resin

  • Size: Customized

  • Shape: Customized

  • Color: White

  • Density:8-64kg/m³

  • Sample: Free, shipping freight by buyer

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ENDA as a professional white melamine sponge manufacturer & one of the reputed names in white melamine sponge in China, which has the capability to produce white melamine sponges in different densities, sizes, shapes and composite structures. Next, let me introduce the different types of ENDA white melamine sponges.

Original White Melamine Sponge

Original white melamine sponge has been foamed by melamine resin foam, and this multi-purpose original white melamine sponge is highly effective in cleaning almost all surfaces, and make the surface sparkling. Also, this original white melamine sponge can save you a lot of cost on expensive cleaners and detergents.

white melamine spongesOriginal white melamine sponge

Compression White Melamine Sponge

Extra strong heat compression white melamine sponge is compressed original white melamine sponge into a thinner and higher density white melamine sponge by heat compression. And compression white melamine sponge is more durable and can remove more dirts and grime. Of course, ENDA now has the ability to produce white melamine sponges with different degrees of compression on the market, including 2X-8X compression white melamine sponges.

white melamine spongesCompression white melamine sponge

Composite Non-woven Cloth White Melamine Sponge

Composite non-woven cloth white melamine sponge is made of orange non-woven cloth and white melamine sponge, which was developed specifically to remove the worst scuff marks, smudges, and grimes. The white side can buff away those tough marks instantly, and the orange side is a super-soft non-woven micro-scrubber, can wipe away the residue. For instance, it can make dirty sneakers look like new.

white melamine spongesComposite non-woven cloth white melamine sponge

Composite Scourer Pad White Melamine Sponge

Composite scourer pad white melamine sponge is made of scourer pad and melamine sponge. And this composite scourer pad white melamine sponge is excellent for those tough to clean surfaces, for example, ENDA round white melamine sponge scourer pad is the perfect pad to clean hard floors and can be used with almost all types of automatic scrubbers, walk behind floor machines and low-speed swing floor machines.

white melamine spongesComposite scourer pad white melamine sponge

Composite PU White Melamine Sponge

Composite pu white melmine sponge is composed of white melamine foam and PU foam, which is an innovative durable cleaning sponge. And omposite pu white melamine sponge is more beautiful, softer, and suitable for cleaning smooth surfaces, such as dishes, sinks, glassware, etc.

white melamine spongesComposite pu white melmine sponge

Composite Cellulose White Melamine Sponge

Composite cellulose white melamine sponge is composed of white melamine foam and wood pulp fibers, which is not only durable, but extremely absorbent and suitable for cleaning a variety of different types of surfaces. Particularly, the cellulose sponge side is 100% biodegradable and sustainable, which is more environmental protection and safety.

white melamine spongesComposite cellulose white melamine sponge

These white melamine sponges produced by Enda compamy are high quality, inexpensive, durable, soft and versatile. And we have ability to provide low shipping time and effective sales services. Besides, ENDA can provide customers of a variety of wholesale and retail packaging options. If you have any demand for white melamine sponge, you can leave us a message.

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