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Melamine Foam Sheet

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Melamine Foam Sheet
Melamine Foam Sheet
Melamine Foam Sheet
Melamine Foam Sheet
  • Product name: Melamine Foam Sheet

  • Material: Melamine Resin

  • Size: Customized

  • Shape: Customized

  • Color: White

  • Certificate: MSDS, SGS, CRS,etc

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Due to the special structure of melamine foam, it can not only absorb stains automatically, but also can be used for sound absorption and fire prevention. Therefore, the melamine foam sheets produced by Enda is mainly divided into two types, one is clean melamine foam sheet, and the other is sound-absorbing melamine foam sheet. The following is a detailed introduction of melamine foam sheet for you.

Clean Melamine Foam Sheet

The clean melamine foam sheet is a thin sheet compressed with ordinary melamine foam, so this clean melamine foam sheet is not easily deformed, and it's the most wear-resistant and durable cleaning melamine foam product.

Clean melamine foam sheets can be used for kitchen cleaning, as well as office and home cleaning. The hot selling size of clean melamine foam sheet is 15*15cm, and the hot selling density of clean melamine foam sheet is 48kg/m3 and 64kg/m3.

melamine foam sheetClean melamine foam sheet

Sound Absorbing Melamine Foam Sheet

Sound absorbing melamine foam sheet has a very good absorption effect due to its extremely high opening rate. And the sound absorption rate can reach 99% which is twice of polyurethane foam products. Besides, melamine foam itself is flame retardant, and the fire rating of sound absorbing melamine foam sheet can reach B1 level.

melmaine foam sheetSound absorbing melmaine foam sheet

The maximum size of the sound absorbing melamine foam sheet is 2500*1250*280 mm, and the hot size of the sound absorbing melamine foam sheet is 1000*800*80/50 mm. In order to meet the aesthetic needs of different customers, Enda supports the production of sound-absorbing melamine foam panels in various shapes, including flat, wave, wedge, pyramid, etc. In addition, in order to better serve customers and facilitate customer installation, our factory also provides composite brown sound absorbing self-adhesive melamine foam sheet and composite aluminum foil sound absorbing melamine foam sheet.

Enda melamine foam sheet manufacturer not only provide customers with considerate services and high-quality products, but also seriously deal with after-sales problems. Our original intention is to let every customer buy and use our products at ease. If you are interested in melamine foam sheets, please feel free to contact us.

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