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Melamine foam is good for soundproofing, because the 99% high open cell structure of melamine foam allows sound waves to penetrate and be trapped inside the melamine foam. This article will explain to you the reasons for the excellent soundproofing performance of melamine foam, and the recommendation of a melamine soundproofing foam that is easy to install.

melamine soundproofing foamThe high open cell structure of melamine foam

Melamine foam is also known as "acoustic foam" or "melamine soundproofing foam" due to its excellent soundproofing performance. As a soundproofing material, melamine foam has a three-dimensional network structure with high open cells and good air permeability, which can effectively absorb the sound wave propagating in the air. After the sound wave is absorbed into the melamine soundproofing foam, then sound wave rubs against the interconnecting tiny pores inside the melamine soundproofing foam. In this process, sound wave is converted into heat energy.

melamine soundproofing foamMelamine soundproofing foam

Melamine soundproofing foam muffling coefficient (NRC) can up to 0.95 or even 1, the muffling coefficient (NRC) of other materials is 0.8 or even lower. Besides, its fire rated DIN4102—B1(German Standard), UL94-V0(American Standard). So melamine soundproofing foam is usually the first choice in soundproofing projects.

The above is the working principle of why melamine soundproofing foam has excellent soundproofing performance, so melamine soundproofing foam is usually the first choice for soundproofing projects. However, there are so many brands of melamine soundproof cotton on the market, which one is the most worth choosing? Next, I will introduce Enda melamine soundproofing foam to you. You can refer to it according to your own soundproofing needs.

melamine soundproofing foamEnda self-adhesive melamine soundproofing foam

Enda melamine soundproofing foam comes with self-adhesive panels, which are easy to use and save time and effort. Enda self-adhesive melamine soundproofing foam can be directly pasted on various walls, and you can quickly apply it to offices, meeting rooms, recording studios, and home recording rooms that require soundproofing, effectively reducing external noise interference and improving sound clarity and sound quality.

Furthermore, Enda self-adhesive melamine soundproofing foam is an innovative and environmentally friendly product. It does not produce harmful formaldehyde because it does not require any caulks and adhesives.

melamine soundproofing foamCustomized services for Enda melamine soundproofing foam

Enda melamine soundproofing foam are not only functional, but also beautiful. We offer a choice of white and gray, two colors that go with almost any decoration styles. Moreover, different shapes of melamine soundproofing foam will also meet different decorating styles and personal preferences. Enda offers customized services for pyramids, wedges, waves, and bevels. Whether you are applying it to a domestic, commercial or industrial location, we can provide you with the best design solutions so that the melamine soundproofing foam will blend seamlessly into your existing decor.

To sum up, melamine soundproofing foam has a good sound insulation effect because of its superior raw melamine foam materials. In addition, the ease of installation, aesthetics and environmental protection of Enda melamine soundproofing foam make it have its own unique competitiveness in the market.

melamine soundproofing foamEnda melamine foam manufacturer

Enda has been a manufacturer specializing in melamine foam for 12 years since 2011. Now we have very mature production and sales experience of melamine foam. If you need to purchase Enda melamine foam, please contact us through the contact information on the right side of the website, enter "wholesale" in the message box below, and you can get a free sponge sample. In addition, if you need to place an order on the Alibaba platform, we can draft a credit guarantee order for you to protect the rights and interests of both of us.

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