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Some people will choose car washing sponges to clean their cars, while others will choose car washing cloths, which one is more suitable for cleaning cars? Next, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of car washing sponges and car washing cloths from different dimensions. You can choose the car washing products according to your actual situation.

The more common car washing sponges on the market are magic sponge and PVA sponge. Let's take a look at the comparison of these two car washing sponges.

Magic Sponge

Magic car washing sponge is a widely used car wash item. Because of the high opening rate of magic sponge, magic car washing sponge adsorption is also relatively strong, and stains from car interior, wheels, seats, and window glass can be easily removed with water without resorting to cleaning agents. This cleaning method is relatively environmentally friendly, safe, and will not cause damage to the car because of the cleaning agent.

car washing magic spongesMagic sponge for car washing

However, because magic car washing sponges have strong friction, not all cars are suitable for cleaning with magic sponges. Before using it, you can test it on a small scale, and then use it if there is no problem.

PVA Sponge

Pva car washing sponge will be soft when exposed to water, it is soft enough to bathing for baby, so pva car washing sponge is suitable for cleaning all parts of the car and all types of cars. However, the cleaning effect of pva car washing sponge is slightly worse than that of magic car washing sponge, and it needs to be used with detergent. In addition, pva sponge is easy to break and is not as durable as magic sponge.

car washing pva spongesPVA sponge for car washing

The most common car washing cloth is microfiber cloth. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of microfiber cloth for car washing.

Microfiber Cloth

The microfiber car washing cloth has high strength synthetic filament, which is not easy to break. And microfiber cloth has the characteristics of not pulling, not taking off the loop, and not easy to fall off the fiber. Therefore, the microfiber cloth will not easily lose hair when washing the car. However, the cleaning ability of the microfiber cloth is average, which need to use cleaning agent. And microfiber car washing cloth can only be used to clean the car glass and door.

After reading this, I believe you have already made your own judgment on whether it is better to use car washing sponges or car washing cloths. If you want to buy magic car washing sponge or learn about it in details, you can contact us. As a professional cleaning sponge manufacturer, Enda is very glad to serve you.

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