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Introduction to the product

  • Product name: Composite sponge

  • Material: Melamine Resin/ PU/ Non-woven/ Scouring pad/ Cellulose

  • Size: Customized

  • Shape: Retactangle

  • Color: Multi-colors

  • MOQ: 500pcs

  • Sample: Free, shipping freight by buyer

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Henan Enda New Material Co., Ltd. can supply a variety of composite cleaning sponge, which has one or two more layers of cleaning material than pure sponges. No matter from the meterials, appearance, design or cleaning effect, composite sponges are better! Enda composite sponges are composite PU melamine sponge, composite scouring pad melamine sponge, composite non-woven melamine sponge, 工 shape composite PU scouring pad, 3 layers composite cellulose sponge scourer.

Type 1: Composite PU Melamine Sponge

Enda manufacturer can supply 2 layers and 3 layers composite PU melamine sponge. The composite of nano sponge and colorful PU sponge makes the whole appearance more beautiful and feels softer. More customers will choose this cleaning sponge and it has a large sales market.

Hot selling size: 10*7*3cm,11*7*3cm

Color: White&Blue/Brown/Yellow/Green/Customized

Hot selling density: 8kg/m3, 16kg/m3

Application: Household cleaning, Kitchen cleaning, Car washing,etc.

pu melamine nano spongeComposite PU melamine sponge

Type 2: Composite Scouring Pad Melamine Sponge

Composite scouring pad melamine sponge is a combination of nano sponge and nylon cloth. Enda can offer nylon scouring pad in a variety of colors, which not only makes the product more beautiful, but also has a more strong cleaning effect. Besides, the nylon scouring pad is very wearable and coupled with the combination of nano sponge, which makes it the best choice for shoes and floor cleaning and best seller at one dollar stores.

Hot selling size: 10*7*3cm,11*7*3cm

Color: White&Blue/Orange/Red/Green, etc.

Hot selling density: 8kg/m3, 16kg/m3

Application: Shoes cleaning, Floor cleaning, Golf Cleaning, etc.

melamine sponge scouring padComposite scouring pad melamine sponge

Type 3: Composite Non-Woven Melamine Sponge

Composite non-woven melamine sponge is a composite of nano sponge and non-woven fabric. It is worth mentioning non-woven fabric and nylon fabric have similar appearance and color, enda also supports non-woven colors customized. Customers with higher requirements on hand feel and water absorption will choose this product, because non-woven fabric is softer and better water absorption. In addition, the composite non-woven melamine sponge is the best composite sponge ordered and sold by our Walmart customers every month.

Hot selling size: 10*7*3cm,11*7*3cm

Color: White&Blue/Orange/Blue/Green,etc

Hot selling density: 8kg/m3, 16kg/m3

Application: Household cleaning, Kitchen cleanings, Floor cleaning, etc.

composite non-woven melamine spongeComposite non-woven melamine sponge

Type 4: 工 Shape Composite PU Scouring Pad

工 Shape composite PU scouring pad is compounded with a layer of nylon cloth, and yellow sponge which is a cleaning sponge that every family will use. The appearance like a soap which looks so cute and it is very soft, besides, composite PU scouring pad has good water absorption and can be used in combination with a cleaner to remove kitchen stains.

Hot selling size: 10*7*4.5cm

Color: Yellow&Green

Application: Kitchen cleanings

composite PU scouring pad工 Shape composite PU scouring pad

Type 5: 3 Layers Composite Cellulose Sponge Scourer

3 Layers Composite Cellulose Sponge Scourer is a combination of three materials, including nylon scouring pad, PU sponge and wood pulp cellulose sponge. And it's coupled with the waist shaped design, not only has a beautiful appearance, it has a double cleaning effect. This composite sponge is suitable for household cleaning, more important, it sales well in the supermarkets.

Hot selling size: 10.5*6.5*4cm

Color: Multi-color

Application: Kitchen cleanings

cellulose sponge3 layers composite cellulose sponge scourer

Enda company has been focusing on cleaning sponges for 11 years, and we can supply many kinds of cleaning supplies. If you want to wholesale them or use them by yourself, please leave messages to us, and we will supply the best products for you!

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