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Introduction to the product

  • Product name: Compressed Cellulose Sponge

  • Material: wood pulp cellulose

  • Size: 6*8cm or customized

  • Shape & Color: As pictured or customized

  • Sample: Free, shipping freight by buyer

  • MOQ: 500pcs

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Do you know what compressed cellulose sponge is? It looks just as thin as paper, and can quickly absorb water to expand its volume. Is it miraculous?

Compressed cellulose sponge is a kind of compressed sponge which is made of cellulose. Because cellulose is plant material (usually wood pulp), found in the cell walls of all plants and is the most abundant organic compound in the world, which makes compressed natural cellulose sponge is very "green" and environmentally friendly. That is also the reason why it is very popular among customers. More important, compressed cellulose sponge is biodegradable and can be easily returned to the soil at the end of the product's useful life.

wood pulp cellulose spongeStrong water absorption

The compressed natural cellulose sponge is not only one of the best selling cleaning sponges, but the cheapest one on the market. And compressed natural cellulose sponge is thinner, takes up less space, lighter, so it is cheaper to transport.

Enda can design a variety of colors and sizes of compressed wood pulp natural cellulose sponge, its beautiful and cute design make it a good choice for many families. Also, compressed wood pulp natural cellulose sponge is a good helper of household cleaning.

You can use compressed cellulose sponge to remove stubborn stains, for example, oil stains in the kitchen that are hard to remove, stains on the bottom of the pan, and even tricky stoves. In short, it can do every cleaning you do in the kitchen, and you can even wipe the floor with compressed cellulose sponge. Most important, Enda compressed cellulose sponge can be washed repeatedly and reused for up to 3 months or more.

cellulose spongeStrong decontamination

In addition, it is not only suitable for household cleaning, but can also be used to wash faces. Since compressed cellulose sponge is almost sterile under dry conditions, it does not require soap or fungicide treatment, very clean.

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