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Introduction to the product

  • Product name: Bamboo Fiber Kitchen Towel

  • Material: bamboo fiber

  • Size: 16*18 cm, 18*23 cm, 27*30 cm, 14*8 cm

  • Color: pink, green, blue, white, purple, etc.

  • Shape: rectangle

  • Sample: Free,shipping freight by buyer

  • Packing: customized Packing

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ENDA as a large-scale cleaning sponge manufacturer, which is not only committed to supplying and manufacturing melamine foam sponges, but also providing all kinds of household cleaning products. The natural bamboo fiber kitchen towel is one type of kitchen cleaning magic tool that we strongly advocate.

Bamboo fiber kitchen towel

Bamboo fiber kitchen towel is made from pure natural bamboo fiber yarn by special process. Bamboo fiber is an organic regenerated cellulose fiber with a hollow network structure, which has good hygroscopicity, air permeability and strong wear resistance. In addition, there is a special substance in bamboo fiber called "Bamboo Kun", which is natural antibacterial, moisture-proof, odor-proof and insect-proof. It is popular in the market for its powerful cleaning ability and antibacterial durability.

Our Enda company supplies two kinds of bamboo fiber kitchen towel, one is bamboo kitchen dish towel, and the other one is bamboo fiber sponge block.

Bamboo kitchen dish towel

Material: bamboo fiber

Color: pink, orange, blue, purple, green

Size: 16*18cm, 18*23cm, 27*30cm

Features: oil and water absorption, wear-resistant and durable, antibacterial and hygienic

bamboo kitchen dish towelBamboo kitchen dish towel

Bamboo fiber sponge block

Material: bamboo fiber

Color: pink, orange, blue, purple, brown, green

Size: 14*8cm

Features: The inner sponge makes it more absorbent, stronger in decontamination, and it’s more comfortable to hold in hand.

bamboo fiber sponge blockBamboo fiber sponge blocks

The application of bamboo fiber kitchen towel

Bamboo fiber kitchen towel can be used to wash dishes, bowls, stoves, tiles, sinks, etc. It will be easy to clean up the oil stains of kitchen with a bamboo fiber kitchen towel. Besides, it is also convenient to clean the bamboo fiber kitchen towel, only water is needed without detergent.

This cleaning way is safe and healthy, so bamboo fiber kitchen towels are favored by families instead of traditional rags. Enda new material company sales bamboo fiber kitchen towel at factory price, welcome to inquiry.

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