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Introduction to the product

  • Product name: Bamboo fiber sponge block

  • Material: bamboo fiber

  • Size: 14*8 cm

  • Color: pink, green, blue, white, purple, etc.

  • Shape: rectangle

  • Sample: Free,shipping freight by buyer

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Bamboo fiber sponge block is made of two different materials: bamboo fiber and foam sponge. That is to say bamboo fiber sponge block is lined with a sponge in the bamboo fiber dish towel. Combining the features of a bamboo fiber dish towel and sponge, this bamboo fiber sponge block is one of our Enda best selling cleaning products.

The advantages of bamboo fiber sponge block

1. The outer bamboo fiber cloth is 100% made of plant-based fiber, which is antibacterial, more hygienic and healthier.

2. The inner sponge of bamboo fiber sponge block is an ordinary sponge made of polymer material. Many small holes are punched by adding foaming agent, and the surface is treated with hydrophilic, which is more absorbent.

3. Bamboo fiber sponge block is wear-resistant, washable and has a long service life. More important, it does not deteriorate and does not rot.

bamboo kitchen spongeBamboo fiber sponge block

How to use bamboo fiber sponge blocks?

-Our Eco-friendly bamboo fiber sponge blocks are great to clean plates and bowls without chemical cleaners, which means good for health.

(If necessary, consumes a little cleaner will clean the dishes and remove stubborn stains, fewer bubbles but a good cleaning effect. )

-Washing with running water, better decontamination effect.

-After use, rinse with water and it will be as clean as new.

bamboo fiber sponge blockCustomized packaging bamboo fiber sponge

Bamboo fiber sponge blocks, which is essential for oil-free kitchen cleaning. The bamboo fiber sponge blocks produced by Enda are sold all over the world, if you also want to wholesale and customize bamboo fiber sponge blocks, you can contact us online.

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