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As we all know, the price level of each country is affected by national policies, the amount of money issued, supply and demand, commodity value and other factors. Therefore, the same commodity has different price in different country. For example, the price of melamine foam may be higher in developed countries and lower in developing countries, which is why many European and American customers are willing to choose China melamine foam manufacturers as their suppliers. Enda as a China melamine foam supplier can provide the lowest price of melamine foam to customers all over the world, while also guaranteeing high quality melamine foam.

melamine foamThe melamine foam in ENDA factory

As a professional melamine foam manufacturer, Enda is more competitive than other Chinese melamine foam manufacturers.

1. Enda Melamine Foam Company is a 11 years factory-direct-sale manufacturer, without any agents, the price of Enda melamine foam is the same for any customer anywhere in the world. However, some other Chinese melamine foam manufacturers charge large agency fees.

2. Enda wants to help our customers to make more money and believes that the win-win model is the best way to maintain mutual cooperation. ENDA has insisted on offering the same or lower price of melamine foam for many years, for example, the 8 kg/m³ melamine foam is the most common melamine foam density in the all using fields. 8 kg/m³ melamine foam market price is 260-320 USD/m³ in 2018, the price of melamine foam is 240-300 USD/m³ in 2022.

3. Enda regularly launches discount activities every year, and the price of melamine foam in Enda's discount month will be lower than normal month. Before the discount month, our business will also notify our old customers in advance so that customers do not miss any discounts.

Enda melamine foam price

According to the density, Enda melamine foam can be divided into ordinary density and high density. Because the production of high-density melamine foam requires multiple processing steps, which increases time and labor costs, the price of high-density melamine foam is higher than the price of ordinary density melamine foam.

According to the color, Enda melamine foam can be divided into white gray and pink. Because the natural color of melamine foam is white, and gray/pink need additional processing, so the price of gray and pink melamine foam is higher than the price of white melamine foam.

According to the material, Enda melamine foam can be divided into melamine foam, melamine foam composite scouring pad / non-woven fabric / PU / cellulose. Because composite melamine foam needs to add other materials, so the price of composite melamine foam is higher than the price of melamine foam.

melamine foam priceENDA melmaine foam category

Enda will give you a specific free quotation according to different products. If you need to make an inquiry or want to know the price of melamine foam, please leave a message or contact us online, and our salesman will reply to you as soon as possible.

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