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On August 12th, 100,000 pieces white magic sponge composite orange non-woven fabric ordered by our American customer were shipped.

melamine foam delivery100,000 pieces white magic sponge composite orange non-woven fabric were loaded

The details information of this order

Product name: White magic sponge with drum dots + orange non-woven fabric

Total quantity: 100,000 pieces

Density: 12 Density

Shape: Round

Dimensions: 5.7x5.7x2cm

Previously, our U.S. customer ordered this white magic sponges composite orange non-woven fabric every year. Unlike before, this time the new packaging box was ordered.

The details are as follows:

Product inner packaging: 10 pieces/box, total 10,000 boxes, and the box size is 220x63x63mm.

Black cardboard: 5000 pieces, total 400g, frosted surface, and the size is 14*35*10.2cm.

Product outer packaging: the size is 80x73x54cm

melamine foam magic sponges packageOur American customer customized packaging

The above packaging is customized according to the actual needs of our American customer. If you have your own ideas for packaging, you can also tell us, and Enda will produce corresponding magic sponges packaging according to your needs. In addition, we will produce packaging samples first and send it to our customers, after our customer confirms that there is no problem with the style and quality, we will start mass production of magic sponges packaging.

Our American customer will be able to receive the goods in about 7-10 days. ENDA wishes our American customer's white magic sponges composite orange non-woven fabric to sell well.

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