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Do you have to rinse after using magic eraser sponge? The answer is yes, of course, we have to rinse magic eraser sponge after using. Because magic eraser sponge is reusable, rinse magic eraser sponge after using can keep its clean and increase the using times of magic eraser sponge.

If you don't rinse magic eraser sponge after using, as the water on the magic eraser sponge evaporates, the stains will slowly enter the inside of the magic eraser sponge. Even if the magic eraser sponge is soaked with water before next using, the stains will not be easily washed away. The best way is to follow the correct method given below, so that the use times of a magic eraser sponge can be increased 20-50.

magic eraser spongeMagic eraser sponge

How to use magic eraser sponge

First, please wet the magic eraser sponge with water to make it contain enough water before use. Second, gently press out the water in the magic eraser sponge with both hands, just gently, because it is easy to break. And then gently wipe the part of the object to be cleaned with the magic eraser sponge, and increase the strength when the stain is heavy.

Cleaning method of magic eraser sponge

After using, the magic eraser sponge absorbs of a lot of dirt, then we just put magic eraser sponge under the tap to rinse, only need 30-40% of the water used by traditional cleaning methods to clean the stains on magic eraser sponge. And we can use the magic eraser sponge for the next time.

how to use magic eraser spongeHow to use & clean magic eraser spomge

In a word, magic eraser sponge are simple and convenient to use, we can rinse magic eraser sponge after using, stains in the magic eraser sponge are easy to be washed away by water without any effort and any detergent. For more information about magic eraser sponge, you can search in our blog section, Enda as a professional magic sponge manufacturer is happy to answer your questions.

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