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On July 21, 2022, our old customer in the UK ordered 225,000 pieces of 8Kg/m3 magic sponges erasers again, Enda arranged the production as soon as possible after receiving the advance payment. Our UK customer has his own shop on Amazon, and the sales volume has been good, so he regularly purchases 8 kg/m³ magic sponges erasers from Enda every year.

The details of the 8kg/m³ magic sponges erasers ordered by our UK customers are as follows:

1. White magic sponges erasers

Density: 8-8.5kg/m³

Size: 10.8 x 6.1 x 2 cm, 150,000 pieces in total

Packing: opp bag (10pcs/pack)+ three stickers (16.7*16.7cm, a total of 15,000 sheets)

Outer box: 57x57x57cm, 150 boxes in total

2. 8kg/m³ magic sponges erasers

Density: 8kg/m³

Size: 10.8cm x 6.1cm x 2cm, 75,000 pieces in total

Packing: opp self-adhesive bag( 30pcs/pack, a total of 2500 packs) + three stickers( 33*41cm)

Outer carton: 57x57x57cm, 42 packs/carton, 60 boxes in total

magic eraser spongesMagic sponges erasers ordered by our UK customer

Up to now, the 8kg/m³magic sponges erasers ordered by our UK customer has finished production, and the final packaging step is in progress. It is estimated that the order will be delivered in 2 days, Enda hopes that our UK customers can receive the goods sooner and wishes our UK customers better business.

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