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Melamine foam is a new type of fire resistant melamine foam developed successfully in 1990's. It has excellent fire resistance, its fire resistance up to B1 level without adding any flame retardants.

melamine foam fire resistantMelamine Foam

Why Melamine Foam Is Fire Resistant?

• Due to its special raw material, melamine foam only starts burning on the surface when it comes in contact with an open flame.

• When the fire-resistant melamine foam burns lightly on the surface, it releases chlorine and carbon dioxide, making the fire self-extinguishing.

•Melamine foam is a thermosetting plastic that can withstand temperatures as high as 240°C and as low as -200°C, and will not decompose and deform at 180°C for a long time, which also contributes to its fire resistance.

melamine foamFire resistant melamine foam

Where are Fire Resistant Melamine Foam Used?

Melamine foam are widely used not only in aviation, aerospace, military, electronics and other high-tech fields. In the field of transportation and terminal buildings, theaters, ordinary home decoration and other civilian fields can often see fire resistant melamine foam.

The melamine foam is a new environmental protection material with great development prospect in the 21st century. It will not produce toxic smoke and burning droplets in case of fire, and its excellent fire-resistant performance can greatly reduce the incidence of fire accidents. Please feel free to contact us-Enda melamine foam manufacturer if you are interested in the melamine foam or have any questions about the melamine foam.

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