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Magic erasers nano sponges work better when it is wet. It turns out that the magic erasers nano sponges are more abrasive when dry and can damage surfaces, adding water to help soften magic erasers nano sponges and wet the stain, and it's easier to clean stains with wet magic erasers nano sponges.

How does Wet Magic Eraser Nano Sponges Works?

When we use a piece of wet magic eraser nano sponge to clean stains on the surface of one item, the magic eraser nano sponge becomes soft, the stains become sticky and can stick together with the melamine sponge due to the action of water. Then the stains quickly into the magic eraser nano sponge's small holes because of the magic erasers nano sponges' high opening rate. In this way, the stains on the surface of the object is cleaned offby the wet magic eraser nano sponge.

magic erasers nano spongesMagic erasers nano sponges

How to Use Magic Eraser Nano Sponges Correctly?

The first and most important thing is wet the magic eraser nano spongs with water, but not too much water. The second is we need to gently squeeze out the excess water with our hands and just make the magic erasers nano sponges slightly wet.

Next, to clean the items with the magic erasers nano sponges.

Last, put the used magic erasers nano sponges under the faucet and the stain will be washed out.

how to use magic erasers nano spongesThe method of using wet magic eraser nano sponge

According to the above method, using wet magic erasers nano sponges can increase the number of uses of the magic erasers nano sponges. If you have other questions about magic erasers nano sponges or interested in the magic erasers nano sponges, please feel free to consult us - ENDA magic erasers nano sponges manufacturer.

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