Melamine Resin Foam Eraser

  • Size:10x6x2cm;10x7x3cm or OEM
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1. Physical decontamination and natural antibacterial effect;

2. Strong cleaning effect;

2. Energy-saving;

4. Authoritative certificates;

5. Economic and affordable price;

1. Satisfying service and so on;most objects' surface stains;

2. The necessity of life;

3. In kitchen utensils and other appliances;

4. Mark pen;

5. Oil stain;

6.Mud stain and coffee stain;

The Necessity of Using Melamine Resin Foam Eraser

All in all En-world melamine resin foam eraser is an indispensable friend in your daily life. For the sake of everybody’s health as well as the whole ecology system, our En-world melamine resin foam eraser manufacturer’s professionals strongly recommend all people from different countries and regions to use eco-friendly and safe En-world melamine resin foam eraser. Hence, it is imperative that everyone are supposed to keep away from old fashioned cleaning erasers and choose melamine resin foam eraser. In line with making contributions to environmental protection, our En-world company has been calling for a global usage of melamine resin foam eraser.

What Is En-world Melamine Resin Foam Eraser ?

Our En-world melamine resin foam eraser is a kind of foam-like material melamine foam cleaning blocks, which is made of melamine resin formaldehyde - melamine - sodium bisulfite copolymer. The melamine resin ingredients are exactly the same as the original melamine resin foam eraser product - Basotect.

Melamine resin foam eraser is produced by several melamine resin foam eraser manufacturers around the world including En-world melamine foam for cleaning company. Melamine resin foam eraser products has been used for more than 20 years. To sum up, we can assure you of 100% melamine resin foam eraser

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What Is En-world Melamine Resin Foam Eraser Suitable For?

Our En-world melamine resin foam eraser company’s main products are white, pink and gray melamine foam cleaning blocks, melamine resin foam eraser with scouring pad and a large number of melamine resin foam eraser products. En-world melamine resin foam eraser is suitable for kitchen utensils cleaning, office equipment cleaning, bathroom appliances cleaning, household furniture cleaning, windows panes cleaning and so on. You can also make use of En-world melamine resin foam eraser in floors and wall tiles cleaning, melamine foam cleaning sponge for shoes and children toys with melamine resin foam eraser. To sum up, including car interiors and exteriors cleaning melamine resin foam eraser can be used to get rid of stains on a variety of surfaces of dirty objects.

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What Are the Properties of Melamine Resin In En-world Melamine Resin Foam Eraser ?

The melamine resin material in melamine resin foam eraser is a kind of insulation material for pipes and piping systems, as soundproof material for recording studios, stages and auditoriums, melamine resin foam eraser has a long history. The low smoke and flame characteristics of Enworld melamine foam sponge make it not a fire hazard. Melamine resin foam eraser is the active ingredient of various abrasive melamine foam cleaning sponges. melamine resin foam eraser can also be used as the main sound insulation material for bullet train because of its sound absorption, heat preservation and light weight.

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Melamine foam for sale

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What Is the Aim of En-world Melamine Resin Foam Eraser ?

Since all mankind are forced to spend a plenty of time on polluted environment and removal stains daily. The decision of En-world melamine resin foam eraser brand vigorously promote low-carbon economy is not only the requirements of sustainable economic development, but also a melamine resin foam eraser manufacturer to adjust their internal business management needs.

Before most people referring to En-world melamine resin foam eraser, the traditional cleaning eraser is widely used in higher institutions for using and removing in many dirty areas for a long time.

So our En-world melamine foam sponge for cleaning  company came to be a strong advocate for non toxic and environmental melamine resin foam eraser.

What Are the Difference Between En-world  Melamine Resin Foam Eraser and Traditional Cleaning Eraser ?

As is known to all, all schools and colleges are very supportive to use eraser before they learned about En-world melamine resin foam eraser. To be honest, dust pollution is still one of the greatest injuries to most families. Although people have done a lot of work and efforts to improve and innovate melamine resin foam eraser, they have not made substantial progress. There are still various defects and drawbacks in the products, so  melamine resin foam eraser has not been recognized and accepted by the market.

This product provides a stains-absorbing melamine resin foam eraser, which has the advantages of good stains-absorbing effect, clean, easy to use, compact and beautiful. This product is composed of a dust-absorbing melamine resin foam eraser and a stains-absorbing melamine resin foam eraser. Melamine resin foam eraser’s main function is to wipe out the dirty surfaces of the objects and collect the dust produced during the wiping process. The function of melamine resin foam eraser is to accumulate the dust collected by the scraping body and to supply power for the charging batteries in the scraping body.

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Melamine foam sponge for cleaning
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Know More about En-world  Melamine Resin Foam Eraser ?

In the early 21st century, people found that melamine resin foam eraser is an effective abrasive cleaner. Open-hole melamine foam magic eraser is microporous and its polymer material is very hard, so when used for cleaning, it acts like very fine sandpaper and goes into the tiny grooves and pits of the object being cleaned. On a larger scale, the material in melamine resin foam eraser feels soft because the mesh foams connect to each other. Using a slightly moist melamine resin foam eraser  wipe to remove "unclean" external marks from the surface.

For example, En-world resin foam eraser can remove crayons, markers and grease from painted walls and wood finishes, plastic paint from treated wood tables, and sticky residue and dirt from hubcaps. If the cleaned surface is not strong enough, it may be scratched by the melamine resin foam eraser. The melamine resin foam eraser fades away, just like an eraser on a pencil, leaving a residue that can be rinsed off.

What Is the Practical Significance of En-world Melamine Resin Foam Eraser ?

Our En-world melamine resin foam eraser has set the following Safety, Health, Environmental and Economical goals for further development. Therefore, our En-world melamine resin foam eraser brand can assure all people from all walks of life that their places of work are as conducive to wellness as possible.

All the teachers and students can be assured that the quality of En-world melamine resin foam eraser is a weighty consideration, when our En-world melamine resin foam eraser for cleaning company review all kinds of melamine resin foam eraser proposals. Our En-world melamine foam cleaning blocks company also have other elements, including the design, price and practicability of melamine resin foam eraser. Please trust En-world melamine resin foam eraser brand to help you to create a better life and clean world for all of you.

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