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Where To Buy Melamine Foam Sheets?

Why Buy Melamine Foam Sheet from Enworld?

As a melamine foam sheets manufacturer, our factory has complete equipment, cutting machines, compressors, production machines, which can be made in different sizes and shapes. Some bars, recording studios, cinemas, custom shapes, not only achieve excellent sound absorption but special decoretion.

The internal opening ratio of foam is up to 98%, which makes the sound wave easy and effective to enter the internal structure of the foam, and is consumed and absorbed by the three-dimensional grid structure, thus effectively eliminating the reflected wave of sound waves. Our company's melamine acoustic foam sheets have better sound insulation effect.It can better prevent the transmission of direct sound, and make the sound of the system sound enough to reduce the noise pollution.We can do our best to supply better the products and service all the time.

melamine foam sheets
Professional melamine foam sheets manufacturer

Where to buy Pyramid Melamine Foam Sheets?

Our  pyramid melamine acoustic foam has an aesthetic appearance and good acoustic properties. Based on this design, Pyramid melamine foam sheets enhance its mounting function, which provides a minimum amount of seams. This can make the installation more beautiful. At the same time, due to its quadrangular pyramid shape, our melamine acoustic panels can absorb noise in multiple directions. It also provides a little extra diffusion to make the sound more dynamic.
pyramid melamine foam sheets
High quality pyramid melamine foam sheets

High Density Compression Melamine Foam Sheets

The production process of the tuning foam is processed by a compression melamine foam sheets which are formed by high-temperature hot pressing, and can be compressed into compression sponges of various compression ratios according to the application and actual requirements. Different compression ratios have different tuning effects, and will also affect the sound quality. Melamine foam sheets are the most common muffling sponge used in high-end mobile phones, generally using 5 times to 7 times compression of 0.75-1mm thickness.Our melamine foam sheets are used as a sound-absorbing cotton for cell phone speakers and earpieces.
high quality melamine foam sheets
White high density melamine foam sheets


Where to Buy Melamine Foam Sheets with Adhesive Paper

In recent years, with the improvement of people's safety awareness, the requirements for the flame retardancy of thermal insulation materials have become higher and higher, so that traditional thermal insulation materials have to add flame retardants that are harmful to the human body and are not durable. However, the glass wool and rock wool with flame retardant will produce a lot of fines during installation and use, which will cause discomfort to the human body.

Enworld melamine sponge produced by our company has high temperature resistance (temperature resistance peak of 240 °C), thermal conductivity of 0.034w/(mk), flame retardant (B1 flame retardant) and easy processing (no fiber fines). It surpasses any traditional insulation materials in terms of insulation, such as glass wool, rock wool, polystyrene, polyurethane foam, and the like.

Our melamine foam sheets with adhesive paper can stick ordinary yellow paper, easy to install, light weight, can also stick tin foil paper, can also be pasted according to your requirements, can be applied to gas pipes, air ducts, water heaters, air conditioners in life. , noise reduction and insulation of the plant.
melamine foam acoustic panel
Melamine foam sheets panel


Cheap Melamine Foam Sheets


We have a large number of raw materials, the latest equipment from production to cutting, each program can be completed by one or two worker, our factory produce 24 hours, efficient production efficiency, professional and exquisite technology, mainly our open cell melamine foam is low cost and high quality, so we have long-team cooperate with more and more customers, The price of our melamine foam sheets are also very competitive. Each piece melamine foam shees is just about $8 or even lower. The more the quantity, the more we The lower the price, and our samples are free, quality testing can be done before purchase, you are still hesitating, buying and selling is not a benevolence, it is good to be a friend.
melamine foam sponge
High qulity melamine foam sheets

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