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What Is A Melamine Resin Foam Eraser?
Melamine resin foam eraser is the same thing as a melamine foam nano sponge, melamine foam magic eraser. Dut to it is a kind of foam-like material magic melamine sponge with strong cleaning power, which is made of melamine resin formaldehyde - melamine - sodium bisulfite copolymer. Although melamine foam is used for reducing noise and soundproofing on the acoustic project field for several decades, the hidden stains removal property of melamine resin foam eraser has ben discoverd.

Acctually, melamine resin foam eraser is an effective abrasive cleaner. Open-hole melamine foam magic eraser is microporous and its polymer material is very hard, so when used for cleaning, it acts like very fine sandpaper and goes into the tiny grooves and pits of the object being cleaned. On a larger scale, the material in melamine resin foam eraser feels soft because the mesh foams connect to each other. Using a slightly wet melamine resin foam eraser, you can keep away from unclean external marks from the surface.

What is in melamine resin foam eraser that makes it work?

Melamine resin foam eraser takes the method of purely physical decontamination to clean. The unique nano capillary automatically absorbs aged dirt during wiping, like countless super-strong micro vacuum cleaners working, it is difficult to remove traditional methods ( Especially the uneven surface) the stubborn dirt has a magical cleaning effect; one thing is versatile, and it is different from the traditional cleaning sponge: pure physical decontamination, only clean water, no detergent, no hand injury, quickly remove stubborn dirt in daily life , which is a truly green and environmentally friendly product.

What Are the Cleaning Applications of Melamine Resin Foam Eraser?

Melamine resin foam eraser is suitable for kitchen utensils cleaning, office equipment cleaning, bathroom appliances cleaning, household furniture cleaning, windows panes cleaning and so on. You can also make use of melamine resin foam eraser in floors and wall tiles cleaning, melamine foam cleaning sponge for shoes and children toys with melamine foam blocks. To sum up, including car interiors and exteriors cleaning melamine resin foam eraser can be used to get rid of stains on a variety of surfaces of dirty objects.

Besides, melamine foam eraser pad is able to remove crayons, markers and grease from painted walls and wood finishes, plastic paint from treated wood tables, and sticky residue and dirt from hubcaps. If the cleaned surface is not strong enough, it may be scratched by the melamine resin foam eraser. The melamine resin foam eraser fades away, just like an eraser on a pencil, leaving a residue that can be rinsed off.

Where To Buy Melamine Rsin Foam Eraser?

Our En-world melamine resin foam eraser has set the following Safety, Health, Environmental and Economical goals for further development. Therefore, our En-world melamine resin foam eraser brand can assure all people from all walks of life that their places of work are as conducive to wellness as possible.

Our En-world melamine foam cleaning blocks company also have other elements, including the design, price and practicability of melamine resin foam eraser. Please trust En-world melamine resin foam eraser brand to help you to create a better life and clean world for all of you.

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