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Introduction to the product

  • Product name: Pyramid melamine acoustic panel

  • Material: Melamine Resin

  • Size: Customized

  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.034 W/(m. k).

  • Muffling Coefficient: NRC=0.95 of ISO 354:2003.

  • Working Temperature -200-240℃

  • Flame retardant grade: DIN4102—B1, UL94-V0

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Brief Introduction

Pyramid melamine acoustic panel is also called pyramid melamine foam, which is made of melamine resin, light and environmentally friendly. One side is flat and can be easy to installation, the other side is pyramid-shaped by unique cutting technique. Pyramid-shaped is greater surface area than original flat melamine acoustic panel therefore maximizing the effective area for acoustical control.

pyramid melamine foam acoustic panelPyramid melamine acoustic panel

Working Principle

Pyramid melamine acoustic panel has a number of pore and little bubble, when the sound wave incident to the pore. It can cause air in the pore vibration. It will make a large part of the sound energy into heat energy is consumed because of the viscous resistance of the air and the friction of air against the hole wall.

Meanwhile, the concave and convex shape of the pyramid melamine acoustic panel will gradually reduce the refraction of the remaining sound waves in the concave and convex repeatedly.

In addition, when the air is adiabatic compressed, the heat exchange between the air and the hole wall occurs constantly. Due to the directing effect, part of the sound energy will also be converted into heat energy, so as to achieve the effect of sound absorption.

Technical information for pyramid melamine acoustic panel

Product Name   
Pyramid Melamine Acoustic Panel
Pyramid Melamine Acoustic Panel Size  1000*800*80mm
Thermal Conductivity  0.034 W/(m. k)
Noise Reduction CoefficientNRC: 0.95 ISO 354:2003.
Acoustic Panel Colour  White
Acoustic Panel Density
Acoustic Panel Composition   Open Cell Acoustic Foam made from Melamine Resin
Profile Description  
Precision CNC cut pyramid profile acoustic foam panel.

acoustic panelsThe application of pyramid melamine acoustic panel

ENDA pyramid melamine acoustic panels are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses. If you require a bespoke solution or product that you can find here on our site don't hesitate to get in touch. We have the experience and manufacturing capacity to produce pyramid melamine acoustic panels to your specifications.

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