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On January 18, 2024, our Portuguese customer ordered a white melamine sponge worth 702 dollars. Since the customer has a semi-processing production line, which mainly produces boxes of white melamine sponges, we did not pack the white melamine sponges ordered by the customer. Our Portuguese customer customizes the same size every time for home cleaning. Out of consideration for the interests of our customers, we recommend E Express to our customers. It is the cheapest air freight and the fastest compared to other modes of transportation. This is the screenshot of our Portuguese customer's payment.

White melamine spongeThe screenshot of our Portuguese customer's payment

Product Name: White melamine sponge
Color: White
Density: 16 kg/m³
Shape: Rectangle

Size: 7*5*2cm
Packing: 35*35*35cm outer box
Quantity: 5000pieces (size:55*5*55cm), 600 pieces/box, 9 boxes

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