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Shoe eraser is not one time use, most magic shoes erasers can be used about 1-3 months before needing to be replaced. Why isn't the shoe eraser a one time use?

The shoe eraser sponges are usually made of melamine foam and non-woven fabrics or scouring pads, which are more durable.

▪The ordinary melamine foam is relatively soft, during the cleaning process, it's constantly rubbed with the surface to be cleaned , and the ordinary melamine foam will fall off or fall apart.

▪However, the melamine foam of shoe eraser is usually heat-pressed at high temperature, which is thicker and tougher. It is more durable than ordinary melamine foam, and it will not break easily even if it is rubbed many times.

shoe eraserShoe eraser

▪In addition, there is a layer of scouring pad or non-woven cloth of shoe eraser, which can not only make the shoe eraser have a new cleaning function, but also make the melamine foam stronger and not easy to break.

shoe eraserNon-woven cloth shoe eraser

All in all, the shoe eraser are not one time use. So, what should be done in daily use to make the shoe eraser last longer?

▪Each shoes eraser needs to be moistened before using

▪Wipe gently for maximum cleaning power

▪After using the shoes eraser, wring it dry or leave it out somewhere to air dry

shoes erasersENDA shoes erasers

Enda magic eraser manufacturer can supply the customized shape, color, and package of shoes eraser, if you are interested in shoe eraser, please contact us. Our shoe eraser sponges are good quality, because the product production to be controlled entirely on ourselves, we have the individual department of quality assurance, and every part of cargo will be tested 3 times, then the shoe erasers can be shipping.

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